June 16, 2024

Tri-Valley Nonprofit Fund completes third round of fundraising

One year after its initial launch, the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Fund for Covid Relief (TVNF) has completed its third round of funding thanks in part to support from the Rotary Club of Livermore and Workday, bringing its total amount of contributions up to $183,000.

TVNF was able to distribute its third round of funding — worth $63,000 — to its nonprofit beneficiaries as a result of various community donations, which will be used to benefit residents adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Raising funds during a pandemic seemed an insurmountable task, but community members and organizations were motivated by the immediate doubling mechanism, allowing for significant, immediate impacts no matter the size of a contribution,” said Pleasanton Human Services Commissioner Susan Hayes, who co-founded the fund with Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance CEO Kathy Young. – Source

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