April 13, 2024

Heritage Candles Fundraisers For Schools

Students, PTA members and booster clubs are always looking new ways to raise money for their programs. Many  programs have benefited from Heritage Candles Fundraisers for schools. A wonderful opportunity for students of all ages.

How does it work?


The Heritage Candle Fundraiser — A profitable opportunity.


Imagine getting everything you need to succeed.

When you choose the Heritage Candle fundraiser the company wants you to see how easy it can be when you have the right tools.

  • Free candle brochures for every student or volunteer.
  • Each catalog has 4 color photographs highlighting the the different candle aromas. A variety of scents & styles available!
  • There are several different catalogs, one for each season. There is a catalog for spring, the holiday season and one for earth candles too. This means you can have a candle sale in the spring and sell candles in the fall too.
  • Each program is an opportunity for a school or team to earn 40% profit on every candle sold.
  • The candles are made with lead-free wicks, hand-poured here in the USA.
  • Have members of your group sell candles to friends and family. Just show them the brochure!
  • Can be done virtually by posting the brochure on your school website. This makes online candle fundraising easy!
  • Simply collect orders and payment upfront from your customers.
  • Your candle fundraising company will send your the Heritage Candles in the mail. All you have to do is deliver them to your customers.

Who has had success with this program?

Fundraising opportunities for groups of all ages. Fundraisingzone.com has had success helping schools raise money with the Heritage Candles Fundraiser. (website)

  • All kinds of sports teams — baseball, football, soccer, basketball etc.
  • Cheerleaders and cheer teams.
  • Dance squads, dancing teams etc.
  • After school programs.
  • Art classes and art clubs.
  • Spanish clubs
  • Gymnastics and athletics
  • Book clubs and reading clubs.
  • Nonprofits.

How much money can you make?

Of course that is up to you. Everyone is a little different. If you take the holiday candle fundraiser, each retails for $12. Every candle sold has the opportunity to earn $4.80. So if your group sells 100 candles you would earn $480.  Sell a 1000 candles and earn $4,800.

Why this is great for your nonprofit group?

Candles make great items for fundraising. This is because there are many candle lovers out there.  Once the candles burn out it is time to reorder a new one.

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