June 15, 2024

Centennial bulb is now 120 years old

The Centennial Bulb lights up the “Late Show” monologue


This article first appeared back in June of 2011. Livermores very own 100 year old lightbulb was featured on Dave Lettermans show back during its centennial celebration.

Here in 2021 it is now 120 years ago. nevertheless it was a fun article to update.

Thanks in part to it’s recent 110th birthday, Livermore’s Centennial Bulb continues to make the comedy show rounds.

Earlier this month it was an appearance on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report. And last night, it made the big time with a reference in David Letterman’s July 23 monologue:

First turned on in 1901. Coincidentally, I think that’s when Barbara Walters was first turned on…

The only other light bulb that’s had that kind of a workout in it’s life is the light bulb in Kirstie Alley’s refrigerator.