January 26, 2022

Candle Fundraising in Alameda County California

How could candle fundraising help raise money for mental health in Alameda County?

We reached out to Joe Wolpin of Fundraising Zone Candle Fundraiser program.

Since the demise of the Yankee Candle Fundraising program Joe suggests the Heritage Candle Fundraiser. The candles are all hand dipped right here in the USA.

He tells us why a charity might hold a candle fundraiser.

“Candles make great holiday gifts. They retail for only $12 and the school or nonprofit earns $4.80 on every sale. Supporters of the nonprofits love our candle fundraising program because they can start for free with no money out of pocket.”

Here is another idea.

Notice what the LIMA candle company did.

This candle designer in Grand Rapids sold a special limited-edition product to raise funds for a mental health nonprofit called “i understand”. The non profit  hosts weekly and monthly educational awareness events and support groups in on the topic of mental health and life after losing a loved one by suicide.”

A worthy cause indeed.

How did this candle fundraiser work?

So they designed a special LOVE HEALS candle and will donate 100% of the purchase price. Each candle is $12 and they hope to sell 2000 of them.

As you can see mental health and suicide is a big concern here in Alameda county. Notice the stats here from the https://mhsoac.ca.gov website. Due to covid pandemic suicides have increased all over the country. As you can see it talks about Project 2025. The goal of Project 2025 is to reduce suicide rates by 20% by the year 2025.

It is evident that there are many approaches to raising money with candles. Find the one that works for you and get started.

Maybe its time for a candle fundraiser.